Thursday, January 30, 2014

One Word Poems

One Word Poems Off the Page

Your assignment for next week is pretty lighght. On or before February 6, here’s what you need to do:

1)    Read this essay by Richard Hell from the NYTBR:
2)    Read this essay by Ian Daly from the Poetry Foundation:
3)    Read the comments from the Daly essay, all 55+ of them.
4)    Send a comment of your own (funny, smart, critical, etc.) to the site.
a)     The moderator might not publish your comment, therefore step 5 below.
5)    Send that same comment to me:
6)    Come up with your own one-word poem.
a)     Your one word poem must be a neologism (not found in a standard dictionary).
b)    Your one word poem must be between 5 and ten letters long.
c)    You must be able to articulate a “reading” or interpretation of your one word poem.
d)    You are free to write multiple one word poems.

Next week during class we will construct these poems as paper sculptures. If you have an Exacto knife, please bring it along. We’ll probably follow the lessons for word sculptures found at this website:, but if someone has a better idea or a better method, please let me know. We will also be constructing these poems as concrete sculptures. Photographers: please bring your cameras. Thanks.
Due: February 6 at the start of class
Remember to check the class blog:

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